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Our products use advanced microbiome science to solve digestive and skin issues in cats and dogs, so pet parents can lead them down the path to a healthier—and happier—life.

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A Healthy Gut Starts Here

Our DoggyBiome™ and KittyBiome™ products offer a range of science-backed, veterinarian recommended products to Test, Restore, or Maintain pet health.

At-home Microbiome Test kits detect imbalances and provide actionable insights to relieve symptoms and improve pet health.

Our award-winning supplements restore digestive health and relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

To help maintain pet health and happiness, we offer a range of probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic supplements designed to support and improve overall health.

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Why AnimalBiome?

As the world’s leading pet microbiome research company, we’ve developed award-winning innovative solutions, including the first-ever at-home gut microbiome test for cats and dogs. Health and happiness for your pet—backed by science.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2016 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, AnimalBiome was started with a simple goal of helping cats and dogs feel better by using science to unlock the mysteries of the pet gut microbiome. One third of us have PhD’s. Seventy percent of us are women. All of us love pets and have an unwavering passion about helping them lead longer, happier lives.

Holly Ganz, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder

Holly received her PhD from UC Davis, a MS from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego and a BS from George Washington University. She has studied the interaction between microbes and their hosts for over 20 years. When she's not studying the microbiomes of pets and wildlife, Holly can be found roaming the East Bay hillsides with Carlton and their rescued herding dogs, Charlie and Darwin.

Dawn Kingsbury, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)

Chief Veterinary Officer

Dawn received her DVM from NCSU, practiced small animal medicine with a focus on internal medicine for >10 years before completing a PhD at UCD in Integrative Pathobiology in 2015, where she studied the molecular biology of Salmonella infections in the GI tract.

What Pet Parents Have to Say

FMT was the solution to Gizmo's digestive and motility issues.

“Gizmo is about 11 years old and has been having issues since she was 4 years old - hairballs and associated digestive issues in the beginning then allergies and intolerances with increasing frequencies in the last years. I introduced her to the FMT capsules last year. They were very effective in managing digestive and motility issues which she has after the hairball season. Random rashes have completely stopped.” Nalan

Lennie's Journey to Happy from years of skin issues!

“Lennie battled with yeasty skin for years. AnimalBiome capsules have been a life changer. His ears, paws and belly are completely cleared of yeast and no hives or welts on his body. His skin has never looked this good, for this long. We’re extremely happy and thankful for all the science, data and products that AnimalBiome provides!” - Rebecca Y.

This is a wonderful company, and I am so thankful for them.

“AnimalBiome’s fecal transplant capsules and microbiome test have been essential in helping my autoimmune pup with digestive issues to improve her health. This is a wonderful company, and I am so thankful for them.” - Lauren M.